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Lexsu Consultancy


Lexsu Consultancy specializes in legal and business services for foreign investors, entrepreneurs and individuals in Turkey and in the Netherlands.

Expert legal and business services

Lexsu Consultancy assists people who need help with procedures. From advice to guidance and final implementation. In doing so, we value expertise, service quality and integrity.

Lexsu Consultancy (English)

More than 28 years of experience including 19 years of own legal consultancy in the Netherlands

Lexsu Consultancy (English)

Has a wide network both in the Netherlands and in Turkey

Lexsu Consultancy (English)

Proficient in the Dutch, English and Turkish language

Lexsu Consultancy (English)

Affinity with both cultures

Lexsu Consultancy (English)

Registered with Bar Association in Izmir

Expert legal and business services for companies and individuals

"Total Quality Principle" is the essential basis of our services which also entails expertise, service quality, client focus and integrity. Through our knowledge and our direct access to the local market, we can perform our services effectively, quickly and purposefully for our clients. We offer our services for individuals and businesses.

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Business services

  • Setting up business;
  • Export-import procedures in Turkey and Holland;
  • Share transactions;
  • Management consulting;
  • Setting up business administration;
  • Financial and tax advice;
  • Executing / advising on tender procedures;
  • Sales and marketing advice;
  • Advice and research on export and import regulations per product;
  • Applying for work and residence permits in Turkey.
  • Registration of brands and patents;
  • Creditworthiness research in Turkey;
  • Consultancy and research on Sanctions, Governance, Risk and Compliance Legislation.

Services for individuals

  • Law cases related to Turkish Family Law;
  • Conducting divorce proceedings in Turkey;
  • Perform recognition procedure for divorce in Turkey;
  • Drafting of Turkish covenant;
  • Advising on Turkish inheritance law;
  • Drafting of Turkish wills;
  • Division of Turkish property and inheritance;
  • Procedures for buying and selling real estate in Turkey;
  • Consultancy for Bord of Owners and management plan in Turkey;
  • Advice for second home buyers in Turkey.
  • Personal injury and insurance lawsuits.

Finding a Dutch-speaking reliable lawyer in Turkey is not easy. Ms. Suendam Õzyurt is a lawyer of integrity and professionalism with whom Mondi has enjoyed working since 2005. Over the years we have published numerous legal editorials for Mondi magazine, the Mondi Guide Turkey and the Mondi website on the purchase and ownership of real estate in Turkey.

Mondi and/or its members regularly use Ms. Õzyurt's advice and guidance.

Rob Smulders (Director at Mondi, the interest group)

If you want to establish a company in Turkey, take over a company and go through the legal procedures, and for similar official transactions, we can recommend Lexsu Consultancy as your single address. Ms. Suendam and his team will guide you like a full professional and have all your official documents ready. As an ISMS BV, we can think of them.

Emrah Yasar (ISMS BV)

Attorney Suendam Ozyurt successfully founded our company Sword International BV. In the Netherlands and participated in the management of our company. She is a very reliable, experienced lawyer who is well versed in law and practice in the Netherlands and Turkey.

Ersin Kılıç (Kılıç Seafood Inc. Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors)

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