Emigrating to Turkey on benefits

Emigrating to Turkey on benefits

Moving to Turkey

Do you want to emigrate to Turkey with benefits? The Netherlands has two social insurances, national insurance and employee insurance. Think of AOW or the Long-Term Care Act, but also the Sickness Act or the Unemployment Act. If you receive benefits and move to Turkey, it is important to consult an expert so that you know what rights and obligations you have. Therefore, contact Lexsu Consultancy directly for a complete package. From legal advice and expert support to implementation.

What do you need to arrange when you emigrate to Turkey?

If you are moving abroad, it is not always considered emigration and you are not immediately exempt from the tax liability in the Netherlands. To determine what is favorable for you depends on several factors. At Lexsu consultancy, you are assured of legal advice from a specialist with expertise in Dutch and Turkish law. Together we look at your situation to provide you with the best possible support so that you can relocate without worries.

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