Setting up a company in Turkey

Setting up a company in Turkey

Have you always wanted to start your own business in Turkey, but don't know where to start? Lexsu Consultancy helps you jet set up a company in Turkey. We provide legal advice that your company needs and guide you through the whole process. 

We are happy to support you in the activities below.

Setting up new companies

Lexsu Consultancy is experienced in setting up new companies in Turkey. There is a lot involved in setting up a company in Turkey and there are several things to consider. You can read more about this in the publication "Entering the Turkish market: starting a business".

Guidance on legal procedures for share transactions, acquisitions, mergers, demergers and joint ventures

There is a lot involved in starting a business in Turkey. We help you so that everything goes smoothly. Through our years of experience, we know all the local rules and which procedures apply.

Placement of foreign staff

Lexsu Consultancy helps with the placement of foreign staff. When placing foreign personnel we also arrange the work and residence permits. Turkish labor laws must be complied with. Because we have experience in these matters, we know exactly which working conditions, contracts and social securities apply.

Due Diligence

Due diligence means due diligence. It is an important process that is carried out before decisions are made regarding matters such as an acquisition. Due diligence involves researching the state of affairs of a company. This way you will know what the opportunities and risks are of a company.

Accounting and auditing

Lexsu Consultancy helps you with bookkeeping and bookkeeping control. This gives you a good insight into the financial status of the investment.

Advice on export and import regulations per product

Between Europe and Turkey you pay no import duties for most products because of the customs union. However, you are obliged to provide proof to customs. We help and advise you in this regard.

Guidance and advice in obtaining the necessary certificates, permits and licenses

Lexsu Consultancy helps you obtain the necessary certificates, permits and licenses. Such as applying for a work permit up to an ATR certificate.

Advice and guidance on subsidies and other legal incentives

We advise and guide you in which subsidies and legal incentives you can apply for your company.

Legal advice and organization of meetings for shareholders and/or Board of Directors

Lexsu Consultancy helps you with legal advice and the organization of meetings. So you know where you stand with shareholders and the Board of Directors.

Reporting to shareholders and/or Board of Directors.

This ensures that you get more insight. We help and advise you with reporting. We can represent shareholders and or Board at meetings in making legally valid decisions.

Execution of Debt Collection Procedures

A debt collection procedure in Turkey consists of two phases. The extrajudicial phase and the judicial phase. We carry out these procedures for you.

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