Collection proceedings in Turkey

Collection proceedings in Turkey

Debt collection abroad

A debt collection procedure is a way of collecting a debt from an individual or company. This is what they call the debtor. The laws regarding debt collection and debt recovery are different in each country. Are you looking for a specialist who can help you with the specifics and legislation in Turkey? Then the experts at Lexsu Consultancy are here to help you with the debt collection procedure in Turkey.

In practice, we see that communication between both parties can be difficult because of the location, time difference or language. For example, the creditor may be difficult to reach or the language barrier plays a major role in the contact.

Do you need help with debt collection proceedings in Turkey?

Debt collection procedures in Turkey can be difficult because there are many legal aspects to consider. Lexsu Consultancy can support you in this regard to ensure that the debt collection procedure in Turkey runs as smoothly as possible. In addition, your lawyer can also act as a representative in debt collection procedures. Depending on the situation, it may be necessary to start legal proceedings. In other cases, amicable debt collection is sufficient.

You are the debtor

Have you received a reminder from a Turkish company? If you are the debtor in a debt collection procedure in Turkey, you will have to pay the reminder. If you are unable to pay the dunning letter or want to make a payment arrangement, you would do well to seek legal advice. Lexsu Consultancy can offer you support in this regard. 

You are the creditor

Do you do a lot of business in Turkey or do you have a customer who does not pay the invoice? As a creditor, you start debt collection proceedings in Turkey. The first step is to send a reminder. You can turn to Lexsu Consultancy for expert legal advice on collection procedures when the debtor is based in Turkey. Our lawyers will assist you in handling debt collection proceedings and provide legal advice. Your lawyer can also act as a mediator between you and the debtor to collect the debt.

Why involve Lexsu Consultancy?

We are affiliated with the Izmir Bar Association and for that reason we are a suitable party to support you with issues in Turkey. Working with Lexsu Consultancy has the following advantages for you: a Turkish lawyer in the Netherlands, a single point of contact during the process and a high success rate.

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