Services provided by Lexsu Consultancy

Services provided by Lexsu Consultancy

What do we have to offer?

Lexsu Consultancy's services vary widely.  Because we have years of experience and specialize in legal and business services, we can do a lot for you. We offer you the legal certainty you want. As an independent legal consultancy, we assist potential buyers of property in Turkey throughout the entire purchase procedure. Whether you want to start a business or buy real estate. We familiarize our clients with the foreign terrain unfamiliar to them so that the purchase can take place in a reassuring manner. Our goal is to complete your purchase procedure without risk factors, quickly, clearly and in a legally valid manner. We do this for companies and individuals.

Lexsu Consultancy: legal and business services

We offer a total service package to our clients. These packages consist of providing advice, guidance through the entire process and the execution of procedures.

Lexsu Consultancy's services regarding the purchase of real estate in Turkey:

  1. Property status research.
  2. Zoning research.
  3. Drafting or checking contracts (construction contracts, pre-purchase contracts, mortgage agreements).
  4. Guidance during the purchase procedure.
  5. Conducting the sale and purchase procedures as an agent (you obtain the proof of ownership in the Netherlands, without having to travel to Turkey). More information about this can be found in our publication:“ "Turkey Simplified Authorization Procedure".
  6. Research into the levels of taxes, service charges and utility costs.
  7. Project guidance for the project developers.
  8. Marketing, financial and tax advice for the project developers.
  9. Drafting of wills for the real estate according to Turkish Inheritance Law.
  10. Drafting of rental agreements.
  11. Advising Board of Owners Association and supervising VVE meetings. Read more about this in the publication:“ "VVE and Board Plan".

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Whether you want to invest in Turkey as a company or as a private individual, Lexsu Consultancy makes sure you get the right advice and that you make a good start. Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Then contact us using the form below and we will get back to you with a response as soon as possible.

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