Market Information Turkey

Market Information Turkey

The dynamic Turkish business community

Market intelligence is information about facts, developments and trends in a particular market. This can provide new insights for starting and existing entrepreneurs in the Turkish market. As a legal consulting firm, we are happy to help you integrate to the dynamic Turkish business community.

Market research including the preparation of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

In a market research we seek information about different markets, trends and developments and customers. With a market research we map out how you can be different from your competitors, who your potential customers are and how to attract these customers to the company. A market research can be very helpful as a start-up business owner. It gives you all the information you need about your industry in a new market.

With KPIs, you measure where your business is doing well and not so well in marketing, sales and customer service.

Project selection and feasibility studies.

A feasibility study looks at whether a project can be a success. Many projects involve large investments so then a feasibility study is good to do before the project begins. That way the project can still be adjusted if it is not feasible. Such a study takes no more than one month. 

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