Turkey provides opportunities

Turkey provides opportunities

Foreign Investment Legislation

The Turkish government has made it very easy for foreigners to invest in Turkey through the new "Foreign Investment Legislation" of 2003. Turkey also has attractive investment incentives, including subsidy opportunities and tax benefits.  The Netherlands is among the top three investors in Turkey. Therefore, it offers many opportunities for the Dutch to invest in Turkey.  Turkey is a well-known trading partner of both the EU and the Netherlands.  The trade figures between the Netherlands and Turkey are rising every year.

Turkey offers opportunities

Investing in an emerging market is attractive because of the growth opportunities Turkey can offer you.   Foreign investment is growing every year. It is a country with many opportunities for companies and individuals who want to invest. Turkey therefore offers foreign investors many opportunities and possibilities.

Besides the positive developments mentioned above, what actually makes Turkey an emerging market in the world?

  • A unique central location; Turkey is located between two important markets, namely between the Asian market and European market. This also means that the country is located between two energy sources, namely oil from Eastern Mediterranean and Caspian region and on the other hand natural gas from Central Asia..
  • Special relationship with Central Asia; Turkish is also spoken in the Turkish Republics of Central Asia.
  • Central Asia, Iraq and the Caspian countries. It is always more favorable to do business in these countries through Turkish companies.
  • Turkey has an efficient, competitive, internationally oriented and high-quality manufacturing sector.
  • Turkey has a large labor force with a professionally trained workforce. Both manufacturing sectors and service sectors operate to European quality standards.
  • Labor costs in Turkey are significantly lower than those in Western Europe.
  • Turkey has been a member of the European Customs Union since 1996. This means that goods can be freely imported and exported within the Customs Union.
  • With a population of almost 84 million, Turkey is an interesting market.

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