Entrepreneurship in Turkey

Entrepreneurship in Turkey

Doing business successfully in Turkey

When you want to do business in Turkey, it is helpful to know where you stand. For the foreign investor, several factors can be major obstacles. Think: unfamiliarity with the legal system, the language and the business culture. These are pitfalls that you would obviously prefer to avoid. Lexsu Consultancy has the necessary expertise and experience in all aspects of doing business in Turkey. We provide our clients with insight into the opportunities and pitfalls encountered in trading with and investing in Turkey.

Are you curious about how we can help you do business successfully in a market that is new to you? Lexsu Consultancy is ready to assist you.

Lexsu Consultancy helps you do business in Turkey

  • Ruim 28 jaar ervaring, waaronder 19 jaar een eigen advocatenkantoor
  • Groot netwerk zowel in Nederland als in Turkije
  • Beheersing van zowel de Nederlandse taal als de Turkse taal
  • Affiniteit met beide culturen
  • Geregistreerd bij de Orde van Advocaten in Izmir

Attractive country for investments

Turkey is a very attractive country to target as a foreign investor. Examples include its central location, subsidy opportunities, tax benefits. The Netherlands is even among the top three foreign investors in Turkey and this also increases every year. Turkey's location is ideal because it is located between the European and Asian markets. Turkey also has a professionally educated workforce and an efficient manufacturing sector that both have a focus on international trade.

The business culture in Turkey

Each country has its own business culture. In some countries it is similar to the Dutch, while in others it is the opposite. It is necessary to be prepared for the business culture you will encounter while doing business. In Turkey, it is important to have an extensive personal network. Through our background and experience, we have established an effective network with numerous institutions and agencies in the Turkish market. This enables us to provide our services effectively and efficiently.

Our working method

For doing business in Turkey, we have our own working method so that everything runs smoothly. Whether you work for a company or an individual, we provide all our clients with clarity about their business position in the first instance. From here we work to strengthen and secure this position. We do this by drafting legally valid contracts and/or using the correct procedures.

Turkish lawyer

Are you going to start a business in Turkey or would you like to invest in real estate in Turkey? A Turkish lawyer who specializes in legal and business services for foreign investors in both the Netherlands and Turkey is then no unnecessary luxury. The lawyer of Lexsu Consultancy works in the Netherlands and has a large network of import and export specialists, financial experts and accountants. This enables Lexsu Consultancy to offer a total package. Did you know that our Turkish lawyer is registered with the Izmir Bar Association? We can guarantee that you are in expert hands.

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