Tender procedure Turkey

Tender procedure Turkey

Legal advice and support in procurement procedures.

Tendering procedures are processes by which the client issues a public contract for a performance of work or supply of goods and/or services. The client invites companies to submit tenders. Lexsu Consultancy gives you legal advice and offers support in tender procedures with a Turkish client.

Tender management by Lexsu Consultancy

Lexsu Consultancy ensures that nothing is overlooked. We make sure that everything is well organized, prepared, planned and executed. Tender management is the entirety of advising, preparing and supervising the tendering process. In this way, projects are carried out successfully. Lexsu Consultancy guides and advises you throughout the entire tendering process.

We support you on topics such as:

  • Review of the tender document, requesting complaints, additions and clarifications.
  • Investigation of prohibited acts and conduct in tenders and reasons for exclusion.
  • Offer preparation.
  • Preparing explanations for the extremely low bid investigation and providing necessary legal assistance.
  • Filing a complaint against the final procurement decision.
  • Provide legal assistance regarding delivery and presentation of necessary documents.
  • Filing annulment appeals against the procurement decision.
  • Filing legal requests against prohibition procedures of participation in tenders.
  • Providing the necessary legal assistance in disputes.
  • Providing the legal assistance in case of "Tender Corruption".
  • Preparing expert advice on civil and criminal cases related to procurement law.

Do you need help with a procurement procedure in Turkey? Lexsu Consultancy is happy to help you.

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